Carter County deputies have recovered the second vehicle stolen March 12 during an insider’s information heist at a rural Lone Grove residence.


Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony said the 2010 Ford pickup was recovered late last week at an Interstate 35 Exit 40 truck stop.


“Deputies spotted the truck and were approaching, when the driver saw them and fled on foot,” Anthony said.


Last week, Traci Goodwin and David Johnston were apprehended in connection with the burglary/auto theft. Goodwin is charged with two counts of lar­ceny of an auto and knowingly concealing stolen property. The sheriff said at the time of her arrest, the 23-year-old woman had previ­ously lived at the residence and knew where property was located, as well as the location of extra keys to the pickup and Ford Mustang that were later stolen from a Michelin park­ing lot.


Johnston is charged with knowingly con­cealing stolen property in connection with the case. Both Goodwin and Johnston remain jailed on $60,000 bonds.


Anthony said thieves netted a cache of electronics, jewelry and clothing from the victims’ residence located in the 5400 block of Memorial Road. A number of the stolen items have been recovered from several pawn shops, including one in Stephens County. In addition, the sheriff credited Ardmore police with the recovery of the Mustang.


“We do have other suspects identified in this case. It is only a matter of time before they are all rounded up,” Anthony said. “A piece of advice for those still at large is this — regardless of what your part has been in this case, it would be in your best interest to turn yourself in.”