Incumbents, beware: just 29 percent of 1,000 likely U.S. voters who participated in a recent poll think you deserve reelection to Congress


Voters continue to frown on the job Congress is doing, but support for congressional incumbents has fallen to all-time lows.


Just 7 percent think Congress is doing a good or excellent job, while 64 percent rate Congress’ performance as poor. But that’s down from 75 percent in November, its highest negative in seven years of tracking.


Just 22 percent think their representative is the best person for the job and only 29 percent believe he or she deserves reelection.


46 percent say their local member of Congress is not the best person for the job, while 32 percent are undecided. Similarly, 43 percent think their representative does not deserve reelection, while 28 percent are not sure.


Just 18 percent believe most members of Congress care what their constituents think, while 64 percent do not, and 18 percent more are not sure.


24 percent think their local representative cares what they think. 52 percent say their member of Congress doesn’t care what’s on voters’ minds. Another 24 percent are not sure.