In response to rumors and allegations surround­ing the March 19 eutha­nasia of an “at large” dog in a north­west side neighbor­hood, Ar­dmore Po­lice Chief Ken Grace Tuesday issued the follow­ing statement: “On March 19, 2014, at approximately 9:30 a.m., Ardmore animal control was sent on a call when an aggressive pit bull trapped a postal carrier inside his vehicle. The dog charged the postal carrier each time he tried to exit his vehicle. The dog was located in a vacant lot between two houses that border Broad­lawn Park.


Ardmore police officers assisted animal control near the 400 block of 15th Avenue NW to assess the situation. Witnesses stat­ed that the dog had been aggressive toward several residents in the area and postal carriers. Ardmore police and animal control made numerous attempts, but were unable to cap­ture the animal. Ardmore police and animal control also tried to located the owner of the dog and were unsuccessful. Due to the dog's aggressive behavior, the proximity to the park and the inability to capture the dog or locate the owner, officers feared for the safety of the public. Ardmore police Sergeant Woolly checked with his superior officers and received permission to euthanize the dog." The police department reports that this dog was the subject of several prior calls for aggression, and that previous attempts to capture the animal were also unsuccessful.


District Attorney Craig Ladd, who is reviewing the facts of the case, said Tuesday he will release a statement regarding the APD action within the next few days.