After attracting runners from 30 states for the 2013 edition of the Arbuckles 2 Ardmore marathon, race director Alison Smalley reached out to the creators of the top running podcast in the country for added exposure for the 2014 edition of the event.

Angie and Trevor Spencer started the Marathon Training Academy podcast to inspire other runners. 

Angie is a nurse and took up running to improve her fitness. She completed her first race in 2008, but was injured and decided to learn more about distance running so she could go about it the right way. 

Her experiences inspired her to start the podcast and teach others what she’s learned.

Runners can visit to listen to the podcast and learn about other services offered.

“(Angie) is a running coach; we have runners in training in the academy,” Trevor said. “These are folks training with us to either get faster in the marathon or become a marathon maniac or to train for their very first marathon.”

Marathon maniacs are an elite club of runners that must complete races with short breaks in between to earn the distinctive yellow jersey with the logo.

“She’s an online running coach working with people in various states and the U.K.,” Trevor said. “People find us through our podcast and our facebook page.”

The couple has produced more than 100 podcasts covering their experience at marathons around the country.

“We do the podcast about marathon training, and we have some listeners in the (Ardmore) area,” Trevor said. “When we go to a marathon, we talk about it on the podcast and tell a story about us going there and what it was like.”

The couple is traveling in from southeast Missouri near Tennessee. They’ve run marathons all over the country, most recently in Myrtle Beach, S.C. in February and the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Ala. in December.

Angie ran nine marathons in 2013 and Trevor completed four.

Angie is involved in a 50-state club that aims to complete marathons in every state in the country. 

“We basically try to inspire people to run a marathon,” Trevor said. “We tell them what they need to know to get started and stay injury free. We have a lot of new runners that are taking on a marathon for the first time. We also have a lot of runners that have done quite a few races, even ultra marathons. They want to learn a little more if they can.”

Angie and Trevor run a mix of races in large cities and smaller community marathons. 

Angie was recently invited to the Marine Corps  Marathon in Washington, D.C. in October. 

The larger marathons in cities like New York, Chicago and Boston use a qualifying system to keep the races at a manageable size. 

“There are really strict qualifying times for Boston,” Trevor said. “You’ve got to be pretty fast to get in at Boston.”

After the bombing at the Boston Marathon in 2013, the running community showed its support for the victims in several ways.

The couple competed in the Garmin Marathon near Kansas City not long after the incident. 

“We started seeing runners wearing their Boston jackets,” Trevor said. “If you get accepted into the Boston Marathon, they give you a special jacket that’s pretty prestigious. Runners will wear that, show up in their Boston colors. 

“Every race we go to now we see people, out of solidarity, sporting their Boston colors.”

Once the A2A is completed, the podcast about the event will follow approximately a week later. Registration for Sunday’s event is ongoing at