Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony has announced the promotion of Deputy Derek Helmke to the rank of lieutenant.


Anthony said Helmke earned the promo­tion based on his law enforcement expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as his “dogged determination” and dedication.


“Derek is not only very dependable, he consistently goes beyond the scope of his duties to serve the citizens of the county and the depart­ment,” Anthony said. “Derek combines skill and knowledge with common sense. That’s a combination that leads to results and qualifies him for the rank of lieutenant.” Helmke is a Houston native, who moved with his family to southeastern Oklahoma. He graduated from Clayton High School in 2000 and obtained an associate degree in criminal justice from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. While attending college, he also began working for the Latimer County Sheriff ’s Department.


In fact, he said it was his duties at the Latimer County Sheriff’s Department that actually led him to the Carter County Sheriff ’s Department.


“I was working a case of a family member of a Carter County deputy. Through that associa­tion I was asked if I would consider coming over and applying. I did and have been here since 2003,” he said.


Helmke is assigned to western Carter Coun­ty. He currently works the evening (3 to 11 p.m.) shift. While he said he enjoys all aspects of the job, his favorite is investigation.


“I like the challenge of investigation. It’s solving the typical ‘Who done it?’ factor that I enjoy the most,” he said.


In addition to his regular duties, Helmke is also a member of the CCSD tactical team.


He said his goals as the CCSD's lieutenant and member of Anthony's administrative team are aimed at moving the department forward.


"Based on Sheriff Anthony's ideas and direction, my goal and job will be working to help the department advance. I will also be working to make sure the department continues to maintain its high standards of service and professionalism," Helmke pledged.


Along with administrative duties, Anthony said Helmke will keep his current assignment and be in charge of supervising the evening shift.


Helmke joins Undersheriff Gregg Johnson and Capt. Daron Henry as a member of the CCSD administrative staff. Johnson said he's delighted with Anthony's decision to promote Helmke.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Derek in the field and as part of the tactical team since he joined the department almost 11 years ago. Derek is very capable of performing the duties of a lieutenant. He is very dedicated to the department and the citizens of Carter County. His work ethic is impeccable, and his skills and knowledge are evidenced in the repeated calls from citizens he has served who have nothing but praise for his strong determination and dedication to his job," Johnson said. "I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work with him in this new phase of his career." Anthony said part of being a successful sheriff and having a strong, efficient department is surrounding himself with qualified people who have the abilities to carry out the mission. He said promoting Helmke to a member of the leadership team will, in turn, help him achieve his goal to make the CCSD one of the top departments in the state.


"I'm looking for great things from Derek in the future, and I'm pleased to have him filling a slot on the administrative team. I know he will be an active and vital part of fulfilling the mission of the department," Anthony said.