An evening to honor and applaud teachers and staff at Ardmore City Schools ended with naming an Ar­dmore High School science teacher as the top educator in the district for the year.


Jonathan Wheeler was named Teacher of the Year for the 2014-15 school year for the district at the annual staff appreciation banquet Thursday at the AHS caf­eteria.


A surprised and joy­ful Wheeler accepted the honor, along with a cooler full of gifts and a new office chair for his classroom. He will now represent Ardmore City Schools in the Okla­homa Teacher of the Year event, which is determined and honored by the Okla­homa State Department of Education.


Before announcing the award, Ardmore City Schools Assistant Superin­tendent Missy Storm said teachers who are selected for the honor are chosen by a committee which is comprised of district staff and community members. Teacher of the Year finalists are those who show pas­sion, loyalty, good character, dedication to their students and are able to represent Ardmore at the state level.


The committee selects a teacher from each of the seven buildings in the school district. From those seven, three are named as finalists. Wheeler was joined by Ardmore Middle School English teacher Jill Falvey and Lincoln Elementary School fourthgrade teacher Kara Scifres as the top three finalists.


The other contenders for the honor were:


• Debra Fields, Chales Evans Elementary School

• Robin Spriggs, Jefferson Elementary School

• Stacy Marsh, Take Two

• Mekenzi Love, Will Rogers Elementary School The banquet was also the time for the district to salute six staff members for their dedication to their roles through the MVP awards.


Those honored were:


• Felicia Amos, Food Service MVP

• Natalie Caldwell, Secretarial MVP • Vanita Landrum, Teacher Assistant/ Paraprofessional MVP

• Stella Quintero, Custodial/ Maintenance MVP

• Amy Cohee, Special Service MVP

• Pamela Cox, Bus Driver MVP Service awards were also handed out for those staff and teachers who have dedicated five years or more with the district.


Those who received service awards were:


• JoAnne Graham, 35 years

• Annie Marshall, 30 years

• Charles Minkley, 30 years

• Barbara Smith, 30 years

• Terrie Colaw, 25 years

• Addie Downing, 25 years

• James McGee, 25 years

• Rosemary Poythress, 25 years

• Linda Hines, 25 years

• Kathleen Thomas, 25 years

• Helen Thomason, 25 years

• Jeanie Upson, 25 years

• Mary Butler, 20 years

• Marci Day, 20 yeas

• Lisa Douglas, 20 years

• Patricia Lee, 20 years

• Ellen Patty, 20 years

• Kim Piggee, 20 years

• Marcia Pratt, 20 years

• Steve Ross, 20 years

• Denise Watson, 20 years

• Jamie Wilson, 20 years

• Gina Berger, 15 years

• Regan Carrell, 15 years

• Rhonda Gordon, 15 years

• Frankie McCullough, 15 years

• Ann McKinnon, 15 years

• Grant Naylor, 15 years

• Josh Newby, 15 years

• Larry Oglesby, 15 years

• Alisha Taylor, 15 years

• Don Ward, 15 years

• Zach Birth, 10 years

• Kimberly Brown, 10 years

• Larry Buck, 10 years

• Rikki Clymore, 10 years

• Lenora Colbert, 10 years

• Gene Cormier, 10 years

• Billie Dunkin, 10 years

• Jake Falvey, 10 years

• Susan Hartman, 10 years • Debbie Herndon, 10 years

• Teresa Kennedy, 10 years

• Lisa Lemons, 10 years

• Johncy Martin, 10 years

• Starla Newby, 10 years

• John Stanton, 10 years

• Barbara Sumner, 10 years

• Cindy Teel, 10 years

• Teah Allen, five years

• Chandra Arnold, five years • Gordon Burris, five years

• Brittni Chaney, five years

• Maria Collazo, five years

• Tina Conway, five years

• Nicole Craddock, five years

• Sammie Cunningham, five years

• Loren Donham, five years

• Sabra Emde, five years

• Jackie Gill, five years • Darlene Lawley, five years

• Mekenzi Love, five years

• Michelle McDaniels, five years

• Leslie Ragland, five years

• Autumn Simon, five years

• Christie Swanson, five years