Just 30 percent of 1,000 American adults rated the level of government benefits for military veterans as good or excellent, according to a new national telephone survey. Twenty-six percent consider the benefits to be poor.

Only 21 percent give the federal government good or excellent marks for its administration of these benefits to military veterans. Thirty-seven percent rate the government’s performance in this area as poor.

But among those who have received veterans benefits themselves or have an immediate family member who has received them, 45 percent rate the level of benefits as good or excellent, while just half as many (23 percent) say they are poor. But even among these Americans, only 31 percent think the government does a good or excellent job administering the benefits, while 35 percent say its performance is poor.

Americans continue to have a high regard for the military. Two-out-of-three (67 percent) say military veterans are good role models for young children. Just 9 percent disagree, although another 24 percent are undecided.