The Oklahoma Legislature voted Wednesday to override a veto of House Bill 2625, a measure to address gray areas in the current Reading Sufficiency Act.

The override was approved by a vote of 79-17 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and by a vote of 45-2 in the Oklahoma Senate.

State Rep. Katie Henke, the bill’s author, said the legislation empowers parents and educators.

“Today, the House and Senate supported legislation that empowers parents and educators to make individualized decisions for Oklahoma students,” said Henke, R-Tulsa.

HB 2625 would create a student reading proficiency team composed of a parent, teachers, principal and reading specialist to determine whether a student should be promoted to the fourth grade. The district superintendent would ultimately decide to promote or retain the student based on their recommendation.

The legislation would also allow students to use a screening assessment at any point prior to the third-grade reading test to qualify for promotion.