The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a measure Friday that streamlines the End of Instruction testing process for students who receive proficient scores.

House Bill 3170 changes EOI requirements in that students will not have to take additional EOI tests if they score proficient in the exams for Algebra I, English II, Biology and score proficient in any other EOI test.

“This bill marks a major step forward in relieving the unnecessary burden of tests that have no impact on a student’s grade or graduation,” said Rep. Gus Blackwell, R- Laverne. “It also removes the logistical burden on teachers and testing coordinators by reducing the total number of exams that are necessary for End of Instruction tests.”

Once a student has passed four of the required End of Instruction tests, he or she will not have to take any more.

“We are pleased the Legislature has sent HB 3170 to the governor and reduced the number of high stakes tests for our students,” said Amanda Ewing, the Associate Executive Director of the Oklahoma Education Association. “While educators understand the benefit of testing, the high stakes associated with these exams are not always the best measure of student success.”

HB 3170 will now go to the desk of Gov. Mary Fallin.