Survey of 1,000 American Adults


48% of American Adults say they are at least somewhat likely to visit the museum, but that includes just 18% who are Very Likely to do so. Fifty percent (50%) say a visit to the museum is unlikely, with 21% who are Not At All Likely to go there.


Sixty-two percent (62%) disagree and say the film should not be edited so as not to offend Muslims. Twenty-five percent (25%) are undecided. There is little difference of opinion about editing the al Qaeda film between those who plan on visiting the museum and those who do not.


Fifty-four percent (54%) of Americans have followed news stories about the museum opening in New York, including 20% who are following Very Closely. Among those in the latter group, just seven percent (7%) think the al Qaeda film should be edited so as not to offend Muslims.