An Ardmore Police Department sergeant was charged Wednesday afternoon in Carter County District Court with poisoning dogs in his neighborhood.

The charge — “Laying out poison for domestic animals” — was filed by District Attorney Craig Ladd against Sgt. Barry Antwine.

The charge accuses Antwine “on or about the 7th day of April, 2014, by putting a substance in a Cool Whip bowl that contained ethylene glycol (antifreeze) knowing the same to be poisonous to dogs, and placed said bowl outside of his residence, but on his property, with the intent that it be taken by domestic animals roaming in the neighborhood ...”

Antwine did not make an initial appearance in district court Wednesday. Ladd said a summons has been issued, and the APD sergeant, who serves in the patrol division, has been ordered to appear in court at 1:30 p.m. June 11.

APD Chief Ken Grace said Antwine has been on administrative leave since the allegations were leveled that he was poisoning dogs in the Hickory Ridge addition where he lives.

“He was immediately placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. I requested the district attorney’s office conduct the investigation so there would be no question of impropriety since he was an officer with this department,” Grace said.

Ladd confirmed DA Investigator Marc Sanders had conducted the inquiry.

“When Ken requested the investigation be moved to our office, I agreed to have Marc conduct it. I felt, under the circumstances, it would give the investigation more integrity,” Ladd said.

Talking about the case and the charge against Antwine Wednesday afternoon, Grace said, “Obviously it’s disappointing. It would be disappointing to learn charges like these had been filed against any officer. It’s especially disappointing that it’s an APD officer.”

Confirming Antwine remains on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case, the chief added, “At this point, the APD will take a step back and await the outcome of the charge before taking any kind of action.”

Attempts to contact Antwine concerning the charge were unsuccessful.

If convicted, Antwine faces up to a year in the county jail and/or a fine of $500.