Upon further review, Kimberly Tressler, the Republican candidate for district attorney, lives within the good graces of the Oklahoma Ethics Commission.

Ashley Kemp, commission deputy director, informed The Ardmoreite Thursday that Tressler’s name did not belong on the list of candidates who had not filed a campaign report. The commission had claimed it did not receive the fax, which was not the case. In an interview with The Ardmoreite, Tressler said she had sent a fax on Monday, which was confirmed by Kemp.

In a statement from Kemp, Tressler’s compliance was noted.

“Attached is the pre-primary election filing received by our office from the Kimberly Tressler for District Attorney 2014 candidate committee. Because this committee has received or expended less than $10,000, it is not required to file electronically. Paper filings received by this office are not available online. However, the filing was timely. It was faxed and received by the Ethics Commission office on June 16, 2014 (as the file stamp will show).”

Kemp said Tressler had contacted the commission regarding the issue after a story appeared in the Thursday edition of The Ardmoreite.

“There was confusion on the filings,” Kemp said. “I wasn’t a part of the confirmation of what was filed, but we do have the filings.”

Kemp said there are five employees in the agency. Although it is easy to check the electronic filings during a filing period, manpower is an issue when papers are faxed in addition to the number of phone inquiries from candidates. She said it can take a day or two to confirm faxes.

“It just hadn’t been put in the database yet, or we missed it,” she said. “I don’t know.”