SULPHUR — Chickasaw National Recreation Area officials say the Lake of the Arbuckles reached a record-low level of 864.51 feet above sea level on Thursday. The level is 7.49 feet below normal pool. The lowest previous record of 864.17 (6.83 feet below normal pool) was tied on August 29.
Dan Winings, CNRA public information officer says the continuing three year drought has been a major contributing factor in the low water levels.
 Due to the low water conditions, a warning has been issued to all boat users to be cautious while on the lake. The warning advises that tree stumps and other previously submerged objects are now very close to the surface of the water and present a hazard for boats. Chief Ranger Aaron Shandor is urging boat users to operate at a safe speed and keep a sharp lookout for obstacles
The drought has also affected other areas of the CNRA. Officials said Buffalo and Antelope springs are dry severely affecting the water flow in Travertine Creek. This has resulted in low water levels in many popular swimming areas in the park. Currently Little Niagara, Bear Falls and Panther Falls swimming areas have insufficient water to allow for swimming.
While the lack of water at Buffalo and Antelope springs is unfortunate, Winings said it is not unexpected.
“These springs have periodically gone dry over the past century and history suggests that spring flow will return once the current drought cycle ends,” he said.