In an effort to expand his imprint in the world of dentistry, Dr. Ronald A. Bulard has purchased Park Dental, a long-time dental specialty products company in New York City and relocated it to Ardmore.

Park Dental is one of the oldest and most innovative implant companies in the world, established to research, design, develop, manufacture and market high-quality devices.

“Park has been in business over 40 years,” Bulard said. “After selling IMTEC Corporation to 3M, I looked around with intent to acquire the best dental products company available. Park was exactly what I wanted. The company offers Lewis implants, regeneration materials, legacy products, training videos and surgical protocols and innovative patient materials. Our goal and business plan will be to continue the success we had with IMTEC through Park.”

Park Dental is located at 2401 N. Commerce St. in the Dental Implant Centre. It employs eight full-time and four part-time employees at the Ardmore location. Bulard also started Juell Manufacturing, LLC, A California limited liability corporation headquartered in California. Bulard said the business plan includes high-quality dental products and components to be manufactured in California and marketed in Ardmore.

“We’ve hired three individuals in California to head up that location, and Wayne Smith is our head of manufacturing there,” Bulard said. “We’re in the process of purchasing high-quality machines to do our in-house manufacturing to ensure Park customers receive only the best dental specialty products on the market.”

Bulard’s business holdings are expected to be bolstered by his creation of an innovative 3-dimensional system that can create an object of any shape for dental and orthodontic specialists.

“Our 3D printer can speed up production of dental products and prosthetics while improving quality and precision,” Bulard said.

The 3D printer was displayed at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in Chicago this past August to rave reviews.

“Industry reaction was extremely positive to our printer,” Bulard said. “Because of our lean manufacturing, I anticipate we’ll offer the printer at below industry costs.”