Hooked on getting your weekly fix of “Mad Men” or “New Girl”? Or are you more of an “Orange Is the New Black” binge-watcher? There are dozens of apps out there for couch potatoes who love the small screen, from mobile program guides to an app that acts as a universal remote for your TV set. Here are a few of our personal favorites.
TV Guide Mobile: Keep track of your favorite shows with help from TV Guide’s mobile app and find out where you can watch them. The app also fills you in on what’s on TV tonight, and offers up a list of shows that are trending with users. Set up alerts so you don’t miss any episodes, and share what you’re watching with friends.
Free for iOS and Android.
Remote Control TV Pro: Lost your remote? No need to worry. Remote Control TV Pro lets you control your tube with your smartphone. It works with most TV set models, but you’ll want to check the site if you have any issues making a connection.
Free for iOS and Android.
Netflix: Connect with your web-based Netflix account while you’re on the go for hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a passenger on a road trip or are in for a lengthy wait while running errands, your Netflix app offers the same access to your favorite TV programs (and movies).
Free for iOS and Android.
Hulu Plus: As with Netflix, Hulu Plus subscribers can access their programming on their iPhone or Android device with a complementary app. Hulu Plus requires a $10 subscription fee for full reign of all of the TV programs and movies it offers, but a good amount of its programming is available free of charge.
Free for iOS and Android.
Hot app of the week

Square Register: Square Register is a new app that allows small business owners to keep track of their inventory and sales and connects with users’ Square devices. Use Square Register to key in credit cards, send receipts, apply discounts and issue refunds.
Free for iOS and Android.

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