In a recent national telephone survey of 800 American adults 15 percent said this winter has been worse where they live than it has been in past years. That’s down dramatically from 62 percent a year ago and is the lowest level measured in five years. Seventy-five percent say this winter is not worse than in past years, while 10 percent are not sure.


But 60 percent believe the media make the weather sound worse than it really is. That’s up from 46 percent last year and matches the highest level of skepticism last reached in 2010. Twenty-nine percent don’t think the media overhype the weather. Eleven percent are undecided.


Regardless of the weather, 28 percent of adults have taken or plan to take a winter vacation this year. That’s up slightly from a year ago but is generally in line with findings since 2007.


Sixty-three percent have no winter vacation plans, but 9 percent haven’t made up their minds yet.


By comparison, 44 percent planned on taking a summer vacation last year. Forty-two percent followed through on those plans.