A Tulsa legislator has endorsed a measure that would immunize from civil liability any ‘Good Samaritan’ who breaks out a window in a locked motor vehicle to save the life of an endangered child.


State Rep. Kevin Matthews signed on as a co-author of House Bill 1902, which passed the House of Representatives last week, 99-0, and was referred to the Senate for consideration.


HB 1902 decrees that if someone breaks into a motor vehicle “for the purpose of removing a child” deemed to be in danger, that person would be immune from civil liability for any damage incurred to the car, truck or van.


HB 1902 would complement Oklahoma’s ‘Good Samaritan’ law that protects citizens from being sued if they provide emergency medical care to someone who’s sick or injured, the Tulsa Democrat said.


Last year, at least 30 heat stroke deaths of children left in cars were reported nationally; one of those incidents occurred in Ardmore. The year before the number of children nationally who died from heat stroke suffered in a vehicle was 44.