Healthy snacks are important for both children and adults, according to Nutritious snacks do three things — provide energy throughout the day and help prevent overeating at regular mealtimes or resorting to junk foods when hunger strikes.


“You should think of a quick snack as a mini-meal,” advises Debra J. Johnston, RD, registered dietitian and director of nutrition services at Remuda Ranch, a treatment program for eating disorders in Wickenburg, Ariz. “A healthy snack is a great opportunity to add the fruits, vegetables, fiber, protein, and dairy that you need in your diet. Mix your food groups and avoid unhealthy fats to snack smart.”


Here are some ideas:


Healthy snacks can come from the freezer aisle, too. Frozen cubes of mango make a delicious snack. “Tropical fruit doesn’t have to be just for vacation,” says Blake. Frozen grapes and banana chunks are tasty, too.