A bridge rehabilitation project on Interstate 35 has slowed traffic down near Ardmore with the closure of the northbound lane. The construction work is taking place on two bridges located over US Highway 70 and over the BNSF railroad.

“We are doing the northbound lane first,” Oklahoma Department of Transportation resident engineer Christopher Fuhrman said. “That is the first phase and according to the contractor has an estimated completion time of Aug. 1.”

During the phase, traffic has been shifted to the southbound land while the northbound bridges are repaired. Once the first phase is completed, the contract will be suspended until 2016. The reason for the suspension is to allow for convenience during busy holiday travel times. The OU-Texas weekend also draws a heavy volume of traffic, as do special events at the Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium Fuhrman said.

“Once those are past, they will start on the southbound bridges,” he said.

Fuhrman said the whole job is expected to take 330 days.

“There was a need,” he said. “The US-70 bridges have a concrete deck with an asphalt membrane. We are milling it off, conducting concrete repairs and putting in a new membrane. We are redoing the decks on the railroad bridges.

“They will all look nice and new when we are done,” he said.