Sun provides respite as rain predicted to pick back up

Area residents said hello to a long lost friend Monday as the sun came out and shined the rain fatigue away. But forecasts indicate the sunny weather was a brief respite with another series of rainy days on the way.
Rain is expected to return tonight giving city and county workers limited time to repair what damage they can and make necessary preparations.
“I’m certainly thankful we have escaped the very severe weather around us,” Ardmore City Manager J.D. Spohn said. “Overall, we made it through fairly well. We have had some street flooding issues but when you have a large amount of rain in a short time, there will be some issues.
“The street crews are checking the drains to clear debris for the next round of weather. And there are some other issues to check and see what is going on.”
During the Carter County Commission meeting, Commissioner Kevin Robinson probably said it best when he told the commission to document damages in case of an emergency declaration.
Commissioner Joe David McReynolds said one 30-inch tinhorn had been washed out on Gene Autry Road. He said it was held by asphalt and rocks have been pushed underneath it as a temporary fix.
“We will have to cut it out and replace it,” he said.
There was also a tinhorn issue on Dickson Road that was addressed Saturday night and the lingering issue with the washed out tinhorns on McClain Road. McReynolds said a bridge would be placed at the site for a permanent fix.
Commissioner Jerry Alvord said one of his bridges was temporarily closed as a safety precaution and another on Cattleman Road was basically “ a wash” as debris underneath forced water over it. The lingering issues for Alvord is plugged tinhorns and potholes that are being addressed.
“There was so much water, so fast that gravel would plug the tinhorns and the water would flow over,” he said. “It’s just clean-up now and we have spent a couple of all-nighters clearing trees.”
Robinson said most of the roads in his district were pretty good aside from a few issues.
“We are still looking and may come across something,” he said.
He did highlight an area of concern on Hospital Road in Healdton, which was undermined during the storms.
Other issues included the scenic drive on Lake Murray Drive, which has a sinkhole and was closed forcing the need for alternate routes to get into the lake.
The good news for Lake Murray and other area lakes was the water level. At Lake Murray, the lake elevation was reported at 746.25 feet. Normal is near 748 feet and the spillway is 750 feet.  Arbuckle Lake has enjoyed a significant rebound from February and it listed at just over a foot about normal according to Steven Jolly, Arbuckle Master Conservancy District Manager. Since Friday morning, the lake has risen over seven feet.
The Washita River is in a flood warning until this morning or until it is cancelled. The river stage was 31.7 feet Monday afternoon, well above the flood stage of 27 feet. The Red River stage was 22.7 feet Monday afternoon, slightly above the flood stage of 22 feet. It is expected to crest at 23 feet this morning and fall below the flood stage Wednesday morning.