Super foods — nutrient-packed and offering impressive health advantages, are beneficial additions to everyone’s diets — especially those who have resolved to get healthy and slim, according to But rather than whet your appetite, the list may confuse you — and you may be wondering what the heck these foods are, nevermind how to incorporate them into your diet.

Here’s a break down of the confusing lingo and give you the simplest suggestions for trying them out in the kitchen:

Goji Berries

What is it?

While they may be new on our health radar, goji berries are actually an ancient super food that have been used by Chinese practitioners as a medicinal food for thousands of years to treat everything from diabetes to high blood pressure. Filled with powerful antioxidants, the berries are also great for your skin: Not only are they high in astaxanthin, an antioxidant that helps protect skin from sun damage, they also contain beta carotene to reduce inflammation and promote new skin cell growth.

How do I eat it?

Tangy in taste and similar in texture to raisins when dried, goji berries pair nicely with yogurt and oatmeal and work well baked into cookies and breads. They also make a nice afternoon snack by themselves or mixed with nuts and seeds for a homemade granola or trail mix.