Editor’s Note: This profile features three of the 11 students named co-valedictorians for Ardmore High School. In coming issues, The Ardmoreite will recognize other students bestowed with the honor.

Ardmore High School administration has named 11 students from the class of 2015 as co-valedictorians. The students selected for the top honor are Celia Caro, Stella Enriquez, Sarah Lankford, Rhonni Lee, Seth Nightengale, Sarah Oliver, Colin Saner, Viktoria Smith, Rhiannon Sorenson, David Tresp and Alyssa Underwood.
Caro is the daughter of Pamela and Tony Caro. During her high school career, she was a member of band, National Honor Society, Oklahoma Honor Society, Leaflets, the prom committee, FCCLA and a youth group. She was a member of the cross country and track teams. She also served as drum major and was an Oklahoma Academic Scholar for 2015.
Enriquez is the daughter of Gumaro Enriquez and Darla Sloon. During her high school career, she was a member of Student Council, orchestra, HealthCorps and International Club.
Lankford is the daughter of Eddie and Joan Lankford. During her high school career, she was a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, Tigerettes Pom Squad, Ladies of the Leaf (Leafets), First United Methodist Church and On Your Toes Dance Academy.

Q: Was there a teacher, coach, club advisor or adult who encouraged you during your high school career?
CC: Mr. Chauvin Aaron, my band director for three out of my four high school years. He encouraged me to push my boundaries and excel at everything I did.  
SE: My freshman year I had Mrs. Taylor for Personal Finance. She always pushed me. She told me as long as I kept up my drive, I could be anything I wanted to be.
SL: Crystal Whitfield, my pom coach. She was always there for me when I hada problem I needed help fixing. She taught me that even when times are hard, you can’t give up. You have to pick yourself up and keep going. She also taught me that even though there is always a higher level to achieve, you have to first be happy with yourself where you are.

Q: What is your favorite memory from high school?
CC: My favorite high school memory was going to New York City with the band.
SE: My favorite memory from high school was from the last home game. It was exciting and I never cheered so hard in my life.
SL: I have had many good memories in high school, but I had the privilege to cheer for my Ardmore Tigers on the sidelines and dance at the halftime shows. That will be my most missed memory. We lived for Friday night football.

Q: What advice can you pass along to students in the early years of high school?
CC: I would advise students to get involved in activities and clubs.
SL: Hold your head high, believe in yourself and keep an open mind to everyone and everything. Stay away from negativity and surround yourself with positivity. Challenge yourself to take the next step and never be afraid to try something new.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
CC: I plan to go to Oklahoma State University, be a part of the marching band and graduate with a major in music education.
SE: I plan on working the summer before I go off to Oklahoma State University and start my next chapter.
SL: I plan to attend Oklahoma State University and major in chemistry.