From a collapsed building to people washed out of their homes, the residents of Healdton experienced their share of damage after flooding caused by Tropical Depression Bill, Wednesday night.

The building, located in downtown Healdton, was unoccupied and nobody was injured.

“The fire department came out that evening and got it out and off the road,” said Herb Collier, Healdton City Manager. “As far as residents we’re still getting final counts but 20-30 were flooded out of their homes.”

Red Cross set-up in Healdton Thursday to hand out supplies to those put out by the floods.

“They were supposed to be here Wednesday but didn’t show up so we had to make do with stuff we found around town,” Collier said. “We utilized the senior citizens’ building for that and they came back today with cleanup kits.”

Right now, though, the city’s biggest issue is going to be making sure everyone has water.

Collier said, “The logistical side is taken care of, now we need everything to come together.”

Saturday, Healdton Vice Mayor Gus Handeke confirmed the pump at the water plant lost due to flooding was back online.

“They’ve worked very hard to fix those issues,” Handeke said. “Our people have been extremely busy but we’re going to get caught back up and we’re going to be fine.”

Healdton also had to make some water rescues Wednesday when homes were flooded.

“We’re a full service facility,” Collier said. “Our firefighters went swimming and got people out of their houses ... they were very successful and I’m extremely pleased that no one was hurt. That is by far the biggest blessing out of all of this.”