AAA Oklahoma is offering a free vehicle tow and ride home over the Fourth of July holiday weekend for anyone in Ardmore who feels unsafe behind the wheel after drinking. The auto club’s “Tipsy Tow” service starts at 6 p.m. Friday and runs until 4 a.m. Sunday.

“Independence Day celebrations often involve alcohol,” said Chuck Mai, spokesman for AAA Oklahoma. “And when it’s warm outside, the risk is not only driving while you’re impaired, it’s also falling asleep at the wheel.”

Tipsy Tow is a community service offered by AAA to members and nonmembers in a number of communities including Ardmore.

 “Honestly, we hope to get a lot of calls for these free Tipsy Tows over the weekend,” said Mai. “It’s a major undertaking to offer a program like this, but we believe it’s well worth it. This way partiers and their vehicles both get home safely.”

 To call for a Tipsy Tow, dial 800-222-4357 and say, “I need a Tipsy Tow.” AAA will tow your car and give you a ride home within a 15-mile radius from point of pick up, no questions asked.