Clean lines, industrial materials and 1950s chic have resurged as attractive trends for prospective homebuyers. The mid-century modern style of design developed between 1933 and 1965 to marry form and function. Recently, the style has gained traction and even exhibited its distinctive features on programs including “Mad Men” and “The Daily Show.”


“Simple, aesthetic changes to paint, furniture and decor can reframe previously plain living spaces into trendy centerpieces, and these small updates can really appeal to prospective homebuyers,” said Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® President Kacy Bell.


Homeowners can follow this tip to revitalize their homes to add a mid-century touch:


• Create a livable kitchen with warmer metals. Drawing attention away from steely silver fixtures, design trendsetters are adopting warmer metals like copper, gold and bronze for finishes on faucets and metal appliances. Consumers are embracing a kitchen trend sporting furniture-style cabinets and airy, minimalist floor plans to create inviting spaces that feel lived in.