July is National Ice Cream Month and local creamery Braum’s listed their most popular ice cream flavors, available by the scoop or half-gallon container.

1. Butter Pecan — This delicious treat combines slow-roasted pecans, vanilla ice cream and butter flavors to produce a crunchy, sweet delicacy.


2. Cookie Dough — This ice cream combines two popular sweet treats — chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. If you can’t decide what sweet treat is best suited for that craving, this is the ice cream for you.


3. Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate — Coffee, chocolate and ice cream lovers unite to taste this delicious treat. This special blend of coffee flavored Frozen Yogurt and cream ups the ante by adding chocolate chunks to the mix for an all around ice cream favorite.


4. Rocky Road — Roasted almonds, marshmallows and chocolate ice cream combine to save the day from boring ice cream flavors.