Oklahoma students are heading back to school this month and many retail locations are offering back-to-school deals. Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma is offering tips for parents to take advantage of all the deals and send their children to school with everything they need.


The Oklahoma sales tax holiday is set for today through Sunday, allowing Oklahomans to make certain clothing and shoe purchases that are exempt from sales tax. Oklahomans can visit www.go.bbb.org/taxholiday to check local participation.


“Whether parents participate in the sales tax holiday or are just looking for deals, these tips can help make the most of their back-to-school purchases without breaking the bank,” said Kitt Letcher, BBB president and CEO. “Before heading out the door, it’s best to have a plan, do your research and start your search with BBB.”


BBB is offering the following back-to-school shopping tips for Oklahomans.


Create a budget and shopping list. A budget will help shape your shopping list and help limit purchases to only items you need. Knowing your budget will also allow you to put money towards larger items or a special purchase. Make a list by child or by store to avoid multiple trips. Start by “shopping at home” for items you may have left over from last year.


Research major purchases. When shopping for laptops, calculators, dorm refrigerators and other large purchases, do your homework. Research the brands you’re looking for to see what meets your expectations.


Check for educational discounts. Some computer and software companies offer discounts to students and teachers with “.edu” email addresses. Some of these can be quite substantial, so check around.


Don’t miss sales. Compare prices between different retail stores, save coupons and be sure to redeem cash-back or rebate offers. Sign-up for email alerts and download shopping apps for your favorite stores, like RetailMeNot.


Buy in bulk. Some schools ask parents to buy items that will be used by the entire class like tissues, hand sanitizer, etc. Get together with other parents to shop in bulk. Parents of college students can also buy in bulk for snacks, toiletries and other items for future “care packages.”


Save your receipts. You’ll need them if you want to make an exchange or return an item. Remember some items are non-refundable or have a 30-day return period.