The winners of the “2015 Where’s Waldo In Ardmore” search have been announced.

- 1st place — Brooklyn Charnock, 9 was awarded a deluxe boxed set of six Waldo books

- 2nd place — Jentri Rayburn, 14, received a Waldo Spectacular Posters book

- 3rd place — Van Kotzur, 6, won a Waldo Magnificent Minis 6 book set.

Lois Proctor, The Bookseller, said all Waldo searchers were children, ages 3 to 14.

Where’s Waldo in Ardmore was a contest sponsored by the Bookseller and 24 other local businesses during the month of July. The famous children’s book character in the striped shirt and black-rimmed specs could be found hiding in each of the participating businesses.

Every time a player spotted Waldo the business stamped or signed their game passport. Collecting 20 or more passport stamps or signatures made a player eligible for the top three prizes as well as 12 other prizes.