For the second consecutive month, the Ardmore Department of Development Services had a solid report in permits awarded.

In total, 45 permits with a cash value of $9,788,430 were reported for the month of July. The figures are somewhat inflated by a total of $3,917,160 as a permit from January was not recorded. The permit was for Will Rogers Elementary.

One of the highlights for the month of July was in residential construction. Permits for nine homes were filed with a cash value of $2,142,809. The value of the homes range from $175,000 to $368,000. In commercial construction, a permit was awarded to Fenix Construction with a cash value of $3,478,000. The site is located at 534 Park St. SE and will house Sunshine Industries.

“We are encouraged with the residential construction,” Jessica Scott, Development Services interim director, said. “The Sunshine Industries building will be located next to the current facility.

“Overall, it was a good month. The weather has delayed everyone construction-wise so now they are trying to catch up.”

There were four permits issued for renovations that carried a cash value of $193,600. There were also 29 permits for miscellaneous items that had a cash value of $53,861. In total, there have been 328 permits with a cash value of $28,058,835. In comparing this year with last, there were 73 permits issued in July 2014 with a cash value of over $13 million.

During July, there were 273 construction inspections and 30 new water/sewer taps opened.

In terms of code enforcement, reports indicate people did a much better job of keeping up with their lawns than in 2014 despite the rainfall. There were 235 weed and grass complaints in comparison to 293 last year. Only 38 lawns were mowed by the city in comparison to 60 over the past two years. Residents also did a much better job of finding proper parking spaces with their vehicles as 30 violations were recorded for parking on the grass as compared to 69 in July 2014.