A former Carter County man has been sentenced in a Nevada federal courtroom to 1 year and 1 day with an additional 3 years of supervised release for “cop hater” threats he made on Facebook.
 Natalie Collins, U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Nevada public affairs specialist, confirmed Friday Dustin McCaskill was sentenced Thursday after he had pleaded guilty June 30 to interstate communications with intent to extort. His guilty plea included his agreement to waive his rights to trial and not attempt to withdraw his plea. Court documents show McCaskill’s admission of guilt included “knowingly” sending  messages containing threats to injure (law enforcement officers) on a Facebook page he operated under “Colorado Cop Block “and that the site contained a photo of himself.
    McCaskill’s rants included posts such as, “I’m going to advocate the death of police and the FBI and the police are going to watch me do it. Speaking of advocating death, if someone was to gun this Oklahoma officer down I will be the first to donate to his defense fund ....” and “Let’s do this one more time. I’ll kill an FBI agent or foot soldier if they come at me ...... Now, come arrest me you ******* cowards. I just made a threat. I’m going to be the pigs’ worst nightmare. Come get me.”
McCaskill, who had maintained similar “cop hater” Facebook sites aimed at Ardmore police officers and Carter County deputies, was arrested outside a Las Vegas casino Jan. 15 by FBI agents.
At the time the former Carter County man had been operating his Colorado Facebook “Cop Block” account from a room he had rented in the casino.
He had remained in custody since his arrest.
McCaskill faced a maximum non-parolable sentence of 5 years and/or a fine of $250,000.
His plea agreement also included his waiver of the right to appeal any sentence within the sentencing guidelines.