Plainview and Ardmore students competed Oct. 6, at the Vocal All-District Auditions in Durant for spots in the prestigious Southeast Region All-District Honor Choir. Around 500 students from approximately 20 school districts sang for 25 spots in each of the eight sections.
Plainview had nine students win a spot in the 10th -12th grade Honor Choir, including Destry Carathers, Cameron Currier, Reace Downing, Ali Harris, Douglas Ann Smith, Tory Townley, Jackson Bobst, Quincy Taylor and Tyson Harris.
Another eight students from Plainview made the cut for the 7th -9th grade junior high Honor Choir, including Emily Burson, Rylie Austin, Jillian Clark, Kathryn Beishline, Melody Parsons, Ava Marie Blackmon, Joshua Credle and Blake Bennett.
“I’m proud of all the Plainview singers,” Plainview Junior High/ High School Vocal Music Director Diana Carter said. “Many of these students reached personal milestones at this audition. The process requires not only a technical mastery of the audition music, but also control of anxiety and fears.  Several made significant progress in this area enabling them to perform very well.  
As a warm up to All-State first round auditions it’s a great motivator.  Those who didn’t sing well enough to be selected have still grown as musicians.  Everyone gains something from the experience.”
Ardmore Middle School also had eight students make the 7th- 9th grade Honor Choir, including Elexis Rogers, Nicholas Martinez, Cassie Andel, Heidi Woods, Bertina Charles, Tau Jeeai Roberts, Ashley Egbert and Dalton Hurt.
Members of the All-District Honor Choir will perform Nov. 20-21 at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Students will continue onto the next round, with the first round of All-State auditions on Oct. 31 in McAlester. Plainview students will also compete at a separate competition called the Little Dixie Vocal Contest on Oct. 27 in Ada.