Whether it was the rifle pointed at him, the wound to his arm or a sudden bout of common sense is not readily known, but when Tommy Weldon Robbins was given the option of getting on the ground or being shot again, Robbins hit the deck.
Robbins, a 55-year-old man with a listed address in Antlers, was taken to Mercy Hospital Ardmore, treated and released into the confines of Carter County Detention Center pending a charge of burglary. Carter County Sheriff Milton Anthony also indicated Robbins is a suspect in another robbery investigation in the county.
Anthony said the incident took place in the 1700 block of State Highway 77, just north of Springer. A homeowner left his residence at 8:30 a.m., and came home at 9:30 a.m. The department reported the homeowner said he had a feeling he needed to go back by his house before going to work at the Judd Little Ranch.
When the man drove up, he noticed a car in the driveway by the carport. He walked up to the car and saw the door to a storage building was open. The homeowner went to his pickup and got his .22 rifle. Approaching the building, he saw Robbins inside. Robbins came toward him and was ordered to stop. A warning shot failed to deter Robbins, who was carrying a type of metal pliers in his hand. Despite repeated warnings, Robbins failed to stop. The homeowner shot Robbins in the upper right arm. Wounded, Robbins got in his car and attempted to drive off. Several shots were then fired at Robbins’ vehicle, which ran into the ditch.
Robbins got out of the vehicle and again started toward the homeowner. He made it all the way up the driveway and did not stop until told he would be shot again. At that point, Robbins finally sat down on the ground and waited for medics and law enforcement.
Robbins has a history of burglary. Most recently in July when he was charged with second degree burglary in Garvin County.