AMS students celebrate good behavior with pizza party

A total of 440 Ardmore Middle School students reaped the benefits of good behavior Wednesday afternoon with a pizza party followed by games.
The reward was part of a new system that has been instrumental in curtailing disciplinary actions in the classroom as well as suspensions. Students were released from class for an hour, lining the hallways in anticipation of food and fun during the initial celebration for those who displayed proper behavior.
“I really didn’t know what to expect, I’m glad the number is that high,” assistant principal John Black said of the 440 participating. “It shows the kids are doing what they are supposed to do. Our goal is to have all students in here.”
Despite all the activities, 6th Grade students Taylor Eliason and Juliana Doughty were most excited about the pizza.
“I don’t know what we are going to do,” Doughty said. “We are going to eat.”
Eliason said she heard there was karaoke but both students were content to let others sing.
Gamers Mike Grape, Ryan Miller and Taylor Edwards were among the most popular, setting up game stations for students to play the new Star Wars game Battlefront as well as Madden football and Halo.
“John Black called over and asked if we would set it up,” Grape said. “We did it for the library when they were showing the Star Wars films.
“I just like helping people get rewards. When I went to high school, we didn’t usually receive rewards and this helps reward kids.”
Other activities included 3-on-3 basketball and soccer played on goals donated by the YMCA. Black said the Ardmore Parent Teacher Team paid for the pizza, which was purchased at a discount from Papa Johns Pizza. Assistant Principal Chris Dvorak also thanked Ardmore alum Jody Westervelt for providing complementary Karaoke and music for the party.
“This is something we want to do a lot more,” Dvorak said. “Sometimes, fun’s sake is left out of school in this day and age. These are kids that like to have fun.”