In terms of putting people on the right track in providing literacy services, New Dimensions has been a treasure in Ardmore. Located next to the Ardmore Public Library, New Dimensions provides a number of services which includes English as a second language curriculum. But to keep up with demand, tutors are needed, Jennifer Doby, ProLiteracy community liaison, said.
“There are 13 tutors to teach 29 learners and there are more on a waiting list,” Doby said. “Tutors work with learners an hour or two each lesson and they need to have graduated high school and have an ability to teach.”
Doby said retired teachers have been an ideal fit for the program and coordinator Carolyn Pirtle has been able to recruit several to participate in a tutoring role in the program. And there is plenty of work to do.
The addition of the ProLiteracy campaign has allowed entities to pool their resources and to complete their GED learners will go to the Ardmore Barbara Bush Literacy Corps. Since 2015, the program has produced 60 learners with five earning their GED.  
And there are other forms of literacy to be developed within the umbrella of ProLiteracy.
“When people think about literacy, they think about can someone read but there is also financial literacy as well,” Doby said.
Doby said there is also an effort to obtain grant money to offset the tests for citizenship. Since 2011, New Dimensions has had four of its learners achieve citizenship but cost can be a deterrent as  an exam costs $600, Doby said.
“It’s expensive,” she said. “We are looking for grants in the future. But the main concern for New Dimensions is they are in a search for tutors.”
For information on how to become a tutor, contact Pirtle at (580) 223-8290