A late night power outage Thanksgiving night left hundreds of local OG&E customers in the dark — some for hours. Many others may have slept through the blackout. which began about 11:15 p.m.
Gene Fryer, OG&E’s Ardmore spokesman, said a local crew spent hours in the cold and the pouring rain to bring power back on after a tree fell on a circuit that served an estimated 800 customers west of Broadway Street.
Some customers regained power about an hour and 15 minutes after their homes went dark. Yet, most effected homes and businesses were without electricity far longer.
“Some of it we could just switch out and get it up quickly,” Fryer said. “But the majority (of the problem) was more complicated. It just took a lot longer.”
Fryer said that while having an outage caused by a tree downed by storms was not unusual, the fact the tree crashed on top of a circuit could not have been anticipated.