With the school year almost over, Dickson Public Schools Board of Education met Monday night to review contracts, discuss budget cuts and hear reports of progress from each principal.
The night kicked off with the swearing in of board member Kenny Phipps in Seat 1 for his third term with a limit of five years.
Principals from each site then gave a progress report, including the middle school’s Matt Krimmer on the new testing being done through the Northwest Education Association in partnership with the Ardmore Partners in Education.
“The Partners in Education have given money to all the schools in Carter County to do this NWEA Map testing,” Krimmer explained. “What that’s allowing us to do is all the schools in our area have a common set of tests that are designed to show student growth both within a year and year over year so that we can track how well our students are doing and what they are learning. We’re very excited about this prospect because the current state testing regime doesn’t do this and a lot of the other tests that we’ve had available don’t do this.”
Administrators will also receive free professional and developmental training this week on how to interpret results of the testing.
Money for these types of opportunities is always appreciated by the district, especially after recent state budget cuts of 3 percent across the board for education, with more to come this month to be effective immediately.
Superintendent Larry Case gave his report on this and was cautiously optimistic after the district’s positive carry over.
“We had a positive carry over at midterm which we haven’t had in a few years,” Case said. “We were really pleased to see that because our administrative team really worked the numbers and our staff’s done a great job doing all we can to ensure we received every collection that we should. The concern is going forward, like this month we heard there’s going to be another reduction in state collections, so it’s going to filter down to us. I’m just anxious to see what that’s going to be.”
Uncertain what the future cuts will be, Case hopes they are as minimal as possible.
The board then took an hour or so to meet in executive session to discuss the evaluation and renewals of principal contracts for 2016-2017 school year for Lower Elementary School’s Debby Custer, Upper Elementary School’s David Gardner, Middle School’s Matt Krimmer, High School’s Rex Trent and assistant to the high school Jason Ward.
Each were renewed unanimously. Case is proud of the work being done by administrators and believes the district is getting the most for its buck.
“They are doing very good,” Case said. “We all sat down this fall knowing it was going to be very tight (financially). We’re all growing in our jobs as administrators. We maximized what we should be receiving in state aid allocation to where we got the most we could.”
Also approved was the resignation of Tammy Baker for retirement.