Carter County Commissioners opened bids for the replacement of a bridge in District 1 on Monday during their regularly scheduled meeting. 

While the board received a total of four bids, only one company included both the cost of labor and materials. That company, Railroad Yard, also had the lowest prices listed.

Railroad Yard was awarded the bid, listing cost of labor at $91,485.67 and cost of materials at $85,000, with a labor pile driving per foot cost of $20 per foot. 

Other bidders included Sunbelt Equipment, who bid $93,904 for materials only; River Ridge, who bid $93,300 for labor only; and K&R Builders, Inc., who bid $193,641 for labor only. 

The bridge is located on McClain Road. The structure 

was damaged last year after getting washed out due to flooding from the heavy rain the area received in May, said District 1 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds. 

Funding from FEMA should help cover the majority of the cost, McReynolds said. 

The board also approved the advertisement of bids for paving improvements for Dickson Road, located in the southeastern part of the county. District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said several miles of the road are expected to be worked on. 

Commissioners tabled an item Monday in regards to continuing alarm monitoring from APS FireCo for the Noble Energy Building. Alvord said Noble Energy has been paying about $360 a year for the monitoring system, which alerts a dispatch center if an alarm goes off. 

The commissioners said alarms have gone off several times since the building has been vacant and after dispatch is notified, someone is sent over to check on things. However, when the alarms sound, it’s typically because an alarm is malfunctioning, Alvord said. 

While Noble Energy does not want to continue to pay the annual fee, commissioners tabled the item to further discuss a plan of action in continuing with the monitoring system. 

Another item approved was a supplemental and modification agreement to the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges project agreement. Translation, the supplemental and modification agreement is in reference to a right of way acquisition in order to start rebuilding and move utilities out to that area, Alvord said. 

“This is just for the right of way for the bridge over the tributary to Bear Creek,” McReynolds said. 

The project is about 0.2 miles north of Pooleville, according to the agreement. 

The total estimated cost including design, right of way, utilities and construction is listed at $615,736. However, two funding sources show total cost would only amount to $209,336. 

The agreement shows the Surface Transportation Program, which are federal funds, would cover approximately $406,000 for the project. The other funding source listed was the state’s CIRB, but the agreement shows the state did not provide any funding for this project. 

Eighteen road crossing permits for Plains Pipeline were renewed Monday, as well. Alvord said the 30-day permits were renewed because workers need more time to complete their job due to the weather. 

A road crossing permit for XTO Energy was also approved with the stipulation of bore only on Mallard Road, northeast of Dickson. 

Other agenda items approved included the surplus of county equipment from the Assessor’s Office and District 3 and requisitions and purchase orders for county highway, general government and all cash accounts.