We are maximizing the damage  by losing our ability to be compassionate. Domestic violence and assault is evident in schools, the aggressiveness of boys' and girls' comments, shoving their target into a position of laughing off insults and sexual threats. One of our candidates has made a sport of teaching our viewers to do just that. [...]

We are maximizing the damage  by losing our ability to be compassionate.

Domestic violence and assault is evident in schools, the aggressiveness of boys' and girls' comments, shoving their target into a position of laughing off insults and sexual threats. One of our candidates has made a sport of teaching our viewers to do just that.

Attempting to reduce a woman to her menstruation.

On national television.

We ignore it and overlook it. Our country needs money. We need our soldiers home. We need to push the button and kill those people who would shake America's future. We need a quick solution to a pervasive disease.

We forget the buttons kill us all.

No one has a bunker big enough, preppers await their glory moment of destruction and chaos.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves to evolve our country and relationship with our collective worlds.

We want jobs back but refuse to boycott or highly tax the companies that close factories and move  internationally for cheap labor. We overlook that sometimes unions can be bullies too, and sometimes they are saviors for the people they represent. We fail to ask why we can't have businesses that understand quality of life and work balance as a key element to a better world, company and worker. We burn up in communities more covered with cement than greenery, wondering why we are hostile? We don't balance box stores with local merchants. We demand rights to our personal choices but deny them from one another based on our own beliefs rather than collective idea of commonly held ideas, to be applied broadly rather than specifically.

We view the supreme court as a chess game of who wins rather than as a group of balanced views, intelligence and wisdom.

We create laws that become walls where intelligent approaches and 'in the moment' decisions which could have more positive outcomes, are unable to be formed.   Law restricts our thoughts. We label people with crimes for life.

Very few crimes require a lifetime record.

We forget starting over and improving cannot happen when shackled.

We don't even stop to ask why.

We have leaders who could make changes now, but don't. Offering excuses and reasons, blaming others, citing feasibility.

When companies say they will leave, I always kind of want to go, good riddance, let's fund start-ups to replace you, let them pay well, while getting tax breaks for enhanced employee work life. Let us reduce the trash issue by making goods truly biodegradable and recyclable. Let us create factories that use trash for items and employ our people here. Every region could have them, green efforts making money and saving the planet. Let us support global trade with countries that can offer scale rational of income and wages that doesn't further exploit our neighbors, or rob our citizens of opportunity. Then it isn't about competing with third world wages. Really folks? That's a goal? To pay people nothing and work them to death. This is a logical company goal? And we accept that as fact?

Research folks, some companies do it right.

We have to realize not all kids are going to be candidates for school, some need different approaches, some need other directions, and some are already violent and antisocial enough to warrant removal, period. We have to realize we cannot leave kids behind by not addressing the issues we are having.

Bullying can be done by the sweet faced blonde girl shaking pomp poms and the bible toting youth speaker.

We have to realize that some parents are truly bad parents (not debating this, I have met some, they exist), but many, many more are simply in need of truly effective support. Childcare causes families to go broke. Work schedules that reflect only profit, are archaic and destroy families, resulting in children with parents so stressed that engaging is limited at best, they have budgets with no wiggle room, and no energy to connect fully.

Children and families should not pay this price for a dollar and cheap goods.

We have to realize family planning is necessary, to talk about, to offer, to protect, to encourage. Unwanted pregnancy is the result of many things, but lack of services, protections, and restricted personal sexual health choices, should not be among them.

We have to remember kindness has a purpose. That caring if one another is fed, matters. That stopping and letting someone go ahead, is courtesy. That saying, 'thankyou' can effect much when done genuinely. That manners don't mean one has no self-will. That cooperating can be power. That the older in our world should have protection form those who prey, and the younger in our world, should be shielded from knowing too much, too soon.

That wisdom is not based on endless access to information, if the information cannot be processed and handled. Some knowledge creates damage.

We have to remind ourselves, if it is okay to shove someone for speaking up, aggressively attacking them for seeing things differently, we are losing free speech. Likewise, if we drag people into our protests who are already supporting us, and we attack them, we may repel the very thing we need, understanding and encouragement. We have to realize our approaches to one another are in dire need of change, cooperative communication, and  coordinated efforts to change spaces to promote many voices of many origins, without revering one.

We have to realize, saying a particular life matters sometimes is necessary, raw wounds indicate that life is being hurt.

We have to realize marginalized voices scream because the world seems deaf.

We have to come back to a conversation.

We have to realize not every person who supports carry and conceal is republican, religious and/or redneck/patriot.

Some of us carry one because that stereotype are exactly who we fear most, even when we share a descriptor or two with them. We have to realize extreme liberals can be just as unstable. And not forget the, 'I don't even get involved because it doesn't matter anyway' may be the most frightening of all.

Apathetic is a state of being better left to decisions of wall paint and food preferences.

Not politics.

Mindsets are the weapons of mass destruction. We have to return to intelligent conversation and debate, not scream fits of researched triggers for media ratings. Our audiences no longer seem to know the difference.

Weekend is coming, week of politics and pandering has ended. A new one begins.

I fear another week of fear being the mantra.

This weekend, get out, wave to a cop, wave to someone whose color doesn't match your own, take food to the homeless, take your family to the park, go visit a museum and expand your mind, be kind when waiting in life, speak nicely to those who offer a service, pick up trash, feed stray animals and maybe take a few to get vaccinated and fixed, support local groups that help locally.

Our world will not improve from the top down, if we do not expect and work for change, from the ground up.

And just so you know what you expose yourself to matters

I wrote this after watching the news and a week of speeches, I changed it a bit at the end, after a lunch with friends. The world is a beautiful place. The human species has wonderful potential and traits, so watch out for the rabid. We need to vaccinate ourselves with connecting, love, helping one another, listening, and working together, while working to better understand and learn about our issues, challenges, and the world we co exist in, and the start working together on making changes that do not pit us against one another, but rather, truly unite us because we want to unite, not because we were scared into it.