The Christmas and New Years holidays represent the calm before the storm for the Hardy Murphy Coliseum.
Having had two weeks off to perform general maintenance and upkeep, the coliseum is prepping for a busy couple of months starting this weekend with a cutting horse event. There is also an annual Monster Truck event and a rodeo slated Jan. 22 and 23 ensuring something for everyone as out-of-town guests will descend on Ardmore for weekends of entertainment.
“We stay real busy,” Jeff Storms, Hardy Murphy general manager, said. “We always have these two weeks off and once we get started in January, there is only a week off here and there. We are slower in July and August but have actually added some more activities in July. Our calendars stay pretty full.”
For February, Storms said there is a horse weekend which is a five-day activity and after that, preparation begins for the Arbuckle Mountain Futurity, which is among the signature events at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum, and also among the top events which impact the local economy in terms of money spent by out of town guests.
“The futurity is in the third weekend of February,” Storms said. “Setup includes bringing in more sand. A lot of money has been added to it and it always brings in a lot of people.”
In order to prepare for the activities, coliseum crews have been doing clean-up and doing some minor repairs on the roof. Holiday rains exploited some leaks that have been under repair.
“Some new roof issues showed up,” Storms said. “We thought we had it fixed. It looks like we need to have the company come back that sealed the roof a couple of years ago and help take a look.
“There was some ceiling tile and insulation damage. It didn’t do too bad of damage this time around. It was mainly on the west wing and and my office area. We had no leaks with the other rains. We had some good ones in October and November that didn’t do anything. But this one got us.”