City Manager J.D. Spohn started 2016 on a strong note.
During the Ardmore City Commission meeting Monday night, Spohn received strong reviews for his job performance following an executive session. Commissioner Martin Dyer said Spohn received an excellent evaluation as he made a motion to take no action and make no amendments to Spohn’s contract.
The action was par for the course during a meeting which moved along efficiently.
Gary Farabough was approved to serve a second consecutive three-year term on the Ardmore Development Authority and Mark Riesen was approved for a first three-year term.
Julie Brady and Mitesh Patel were approved for their first three-year term on the Ardmore Tourism Authority and Kevin Butler was approved for a second three-year term.
The Ardmore City Library had a good evening with the commission approving two items on the consent agenda which will benefit the facility.
The Oklahoma Department of Libraries awarded a Continuing Education Conference Grant of $1,773.80 to Lorena Smith for registration, hotel, travel and per diem at the Public Library Association biennial conference in April. A $21,654.60 grant was approved. The grant will be used for library service expenditures with 90 percent awarded early and 10 percent awarded until later in the fiscal year.
Under regular business, a bid of $47,500 by H&A Services for three sections and a bid from Greenbelt Turf Services in the amount of $24,643.25 were approved for a Hickory Creek Channel Clearing Project. The four sections span from Broadway to Myall Road.
A bid of $14,800 was also approved for trackhoe services for G Street and Colbert SE Street repair and storm sewer project from Brent Smith Services. G Street was undermined by storms earlier in the year and closed for major repairs. It was determined a trackhoe and operator would be needed for a longer duration than thought for the project.
The city will lease six backhoes, one for:

Parks and Recreation Cemetery Wastewater Sewer Two backhoes will be used by the water distribution department. They will be leased from Warren Cat for a monthly payment of $853.80 for each backhoe. The lease allows the city to receive new backhoes every two years and cuts down on maintenance costs.
During the meeting, the commission also approved  an agreement with H.W. Lochner to provide additional services than previously agreed to in helping the city clear obstructions at the Downtown Executive Airport. Ardmore City Attorney Jennifer O’Steen said there was more work than previously thought and the new contract will expand Lochner’s responsibilities in assisting the city with the project. The anticipated cost is not to exceed $50,000 and O’Steen told the commission she was hopeful it would remain in the $40,000’s.