A motion to reduce the $150,000 bond that had kept a 34-year-old woman facing charges in a murder case behind bars was denied last week.
Yet, Mikel Butler managed to come up with the bail and secured her release Friday after more than a month in the Carter County Detention Center.
She is charged as an accessory after the fact in the Dec. 1 slaying of Scott Hennesy. Christopher Banks, 19, and David Gonzalez, 16, jointly face a first-degree murder charge in Hennsey’s death at a West Main Street residence.
The charge against her alleges Butler provided, “false information  including but not limited to the whereabouts of Christopher Banks during and after the murder” and assisted Banks in destroying evidence by “hiding and washing and later destroying clothing worn by Christopher Banks during the murder,” all in a bid to help Banks “avoid punishment for his crime.”
Butler was scheduled to appear for a preliminary conference Jan. 14. It has been continued until Feb. 25.
Banks opted to exercise his right to a preliminary hearing, which is set for Feb. 23. Gonzalez’s preliminary conference is set for Thursday.