SULPHUR — Visitors are being advised not to drink the water at Pavilion Springs, according to Chickasaw National Recreation Area officials.
CNRA spokessman Ron Parker said a sewer manhole in mid-January overflowed in the Pavilion Springs area and effluent flowed across the parking lot and around the pavilion area, settling into a depression near the pavilion.  
“The city of Sulphur is assisting with the cleanup of effluent from the incident. Powdered lime has been used to treat the raw sewage to disinfect and reduce odor. Park staff are monitoring the situation with weekly water testing, and there is no indication that Pavilion Springs is contaminated,” Parker said. “However, as a precautionary measure, it is recommended that visitors do not drink from Pavilion Springs at this time. “
The main spring, known as “Big Tom,” which flows out from a stone structure in the center of the Pavilion Springs, is routinely tested as a potable water source, since visitors commonly drink from it as part of their park experience.
Also, a second manhole near Lincoln Bridge recently overflowed and the affected area was treated with powdered lime. Parker said both incidents were associated with the same sewer main.
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