The addition of a new administrator has the Carter County Election Board excited about the opportunity to register veterans to vote at the Ardmore Veterans Center.
Election Board Secretary Diane Hall said other efforts in the past two or three years ended with frustration. A recent experience with a staff member had the board looking for answers.
“If anyone should be allowed to vote, it should be them,” Hall said. “Other nursing homes have got their stuff in but we have had problems at the Veterans Center.”
Enter Shawn Kirkland.
Kirkland is the new administrator at the Ardmore Veterans Center. He replaced Regina McCracken and has been on the job the past two and a half months. Having arrived from the Norman Veterans Center, he recognized the importance of registering veterans.
“I would be happy to set up a time they can come by, set up and register our residents,” Kirkland said.
Hall was able to reach out to Kirkland and begin making plans to provide veterans with one of the greatest rights they have preserved through their service.
“My father is a veteran and I understand how important it is,” she said. “We are very excited about developing a good working relationship with Mr. Kirkland and thank him for his help.”