Board opts to table decision on principal's future

Over the next couple of weeks, the students of Springer will be joined by their school board in doing homework. The only difference is the board’s work will determine the composition of the school’s administration.
With a 5-0 vote, the board voted to table Elementary Principal Brandi Price’s appeal following an executive session. The board had recessed following an executive session that lasted an hour and a half on Feb. 1 and tacked on another hour Monday without coming to a consensus. Price’s position was recommended and approved for a reduction in force based on budget issues which are impacting schools across the state.
“We do not take this lightly, we have all lost sleep on this,” Board member John Wylie said. “We are in a deadlock and need to know more things. We want to put more skin in the game and do more homework,”
The board wants to know if there are other options and take a close look at the budget. The board also wants to be assured Superintendent Cynthia Hunter will be able to assume her responsibilities as well as those of elementary principal.
“We don’t have enough information,” Board Member Travis Roberts said.
The board will meet in a special meeting Feb. 29 to discuss the issue further.
Following the vote, the board began its regularly scheduled meeting. The board received one bid for summer lawn mowing services and after accepting the bid, backtracked after questions arose about the process of posting the job.
The driver’s education program was approved for this summer with costs of $100 for in-district students and $150 for out of district students.
The resignations of Kelli Dighton and Tina Lee were accepted while Larry Darter was approved to serve as the driver’s education teacher for the 2015-16 school year. Russell Noland, whose job was described as not being eligible for RIF, was approved for employment as the secondary principal for the 2016-17 school year.
During principal reports, attendance was listed as 145 for Pre-K through 6th grade, an increase of 17 from last year. The attendance for 7th grade through senior year is listed at 71.
At the end of the meeting, Hunter thanked those in attendance.
“While it seems sometimes we are on opposite sides, at all times, we are here for the kids,” she said. “Thank you for advocating for what you believe in.”