It may have been cold and windy Sunday, but A2A race director Dr. Brent Holland said it was, “a perfect day for a race.”
This year 1,000 participants registered to race in the A2A from 30 different states, according to former race director Alison Smalley, who was out volunteering Sunday afternoon for the kid’s marathon.
“We were hoping to get to 1,000 and we were right at it,” Smalley said.
Holland said during the last week they had a dramatic turnaround in numbers, as everyone kept an eye on the weather forecast.
nd then I think as everybody saw the weather just holding to what they predicted today, which is just beautiful, right at the last week we just ballooned,” Holland said.
On average, there were about 35 new participants registering per day last week, he said.
“Runners have all loved the north wind today,” Smalley said. “The volunteers have hated the cold and the wind, but the runners loved it.”
One of the volunteers who braved the cold and wind Sunday was Plainview student Avery Fuller. Fuller said she has volunteered at the A2A water stops four years in a row.
After holding up her poster for marathon runners Sunday morning, she moved down to the kid’s marathon in the afternoon to support her fellow Plainview students.
“I just wanted to come out and support Plainview people,” Fuller said.
As children raced to the finish line for their last marathon mile at Noble Stadium, Holland talked about his first year as director.
“It’s been an incredible journey,” Holland said.  “There’s just so much support and outpouring of love from these runners and these volunteers that you just get overwhelmed. It’s like, wow, I’m a part of this. So, I’m’ really enjoying it.”
Holland said he’s learned a lot and he’s thankful he had Smalley to help him along the way. Smalley came up with the idea for the race, which kicked off in 2009, and has been the race director every year since then, until this year.
The A2A, formed by Mercy Health Foundation and board member Smalley, helps raise money for cancer equipment and cancer related programs in the Ardmore community.