Rasmussen Reports

Parental opposition to standardized testing in schools remains high, even as the latest cycle of tests is beginning in many states. Most parents now say there’s no need for any such tests at all.

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of 1,000 American adults finds that 64 percent of American Adults with children of elementary or secondary school age believe there is too much emphasis on standardized tests in schools these days. That’s little changed from December but up from 57 percent November 2013 when we first asked this question.

Just 18 percent of these parents think there is not enough emphasis on standardized tests, a finding that hasn’t changed over the years, while 12 percent rate the balance as about right.

Only 21 percent of adults with school-age children think student scores on standardized tests should be the major factor in determining how well a school is doing. Seventy-three percent disagree, up noticeably from 61 percent in February of last year.