What: Trash Tidy

Cost: $9.99

Where: Walgreens

Why/value: Trash bag organizer/dispenser

Rating: 2 out of 5

Review: If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, where does that leave the trash bag?

“Trash Tidy,” an “As Seen On T.V.” product that promises to keep your collection of trash bags nice and organized, delivers on some promises but trashes the rest. Essentially, the Trash Tidy is a trash bag dispenser that is meant to be placed in the bottom of your trash bin. The idea is whenever you fill up a trash bag, you simply remove it from the container and another trash bag is sitting there, awaiting to be conveniently placed on the container. The product hopes to eliminate the stressful search for another trash bag and to avoid potential messes that could occur in the container while you’re on your quest to find another trash bag. 

The concept, albeit kind of odd, isn’t bad, especially considering the device can be placed on a wall or in a cabinet using adhesive strips on the back of the dispenser (more on that later). The dispenser, however, ultimately seems unnecessary to accomplish its simple goal of providing another trash bag. Most trash bag rolls come in a box where all the rolls are attached and can be easily pulled apart when needed. The box you buy the trash bags in, therefore, serve the exact same purpose as the Trash Tidy, but eliminates the step of having to “reload” the dispenser. If a person was overly concerned with needing a trash bag so soon after removing the old one that they needed it in the trash container, they could simply throw the trash bag box or roll in the container and POOF, you’ve created the Trash Tidy. 

But perhaps it’s the convenience of being able to have a dispenser anywhere in the house that makes the Trash Tidy a must purchase item? Well, not exactly. In my experience with the device, the adhesive strips that are located on the back of the device stay on the wall about as well as a painting that is just placed against the wall with the hope of staying. The weight of the Trash Tidy is simply too much for strips and the dispenser ends up falling to the ground, which is handy if the ground is where you like to keep your trash bags. When I first applied the device to the wall, I expected it to stay in place like Spiderman clinging to the side of a building. Instead, the Trash Tidy immediately slid off the wall like water sliding down a hill. The Trash Tidy certainly doesn’t deserve a spot on the “wall of fame,” if only because it wouldn’t stay there. 

At its core use, the Trash Tidy does accomplish what it promises, which is to provide trash bags when needed. This function, however, can be accomplished by the box you buy the trash bags in to begin with. I am giving the Trash Tidy a 2 out of 5 stars for effort and for technically doing its promised job. My advice, however, would be to simply use the trash bag box if you need trash bags that quickly after removing them from the container. As for the adhesive strips, I wouldn’t recommend placing the Trash Tidy on any walls or cabinets, unless you lay it on a flat area.  One thing I am certain of, I don’t expect the product to stick with consumers (or to walls).


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