Pryor – Digi Security Systems, a leading provider of video security systems, announces that its experts will conduct live product demonstrations, discuss attendees’ current needs, schedule free site surveys, and recommend solutions that work for local law enforcement agencies at the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) 2016 Annual Conference. Digi’s experts will showcase the company’s leading security solutions for law enforcement and correctional facilities in Booth #62 at the exposition. These solutions include advanced IP Video Analytics, Electronic Access Door Control, Video Visitation, Video Arraignment, and Voice & Intercom solutions. The conference will take place in Ardmore, Oklahoma from June 27-29, 2016.

Visitors to the booth will be able to experience Digi solutions firsthand, as Digi experts will conduct live demonstrations of their IP video cameras, with a camera setup with live feeds to monitors. Additionally, the booth will feature a demonstration of advanced, self-learning video analytics and a new HD Multi-Sensor camera, which provides ultimate surveillance coverage due to its flexible camera sensors. These sensors can be positioned to monitor virtually any area in high definition.

“Our team is able to expertly design, build, install, and support the high-quality digital video surveillance and access control systems that are critical to success in modern law enforcement,” said Joshua Herron, President at Digi Security Systems. “By speaking with our experts at the conference, police chiefs and other law enforcement officers will be able to witness firsthand the benefits of these technologies, including clarity, efficiency, and ease of use.”

Digi Security Systems offers a broad range of digital surveillance cameras to provide the coverage and image detail necessary in law enforcement and correctional facility applications. Additionally, the company’s easy-to-use video software lets users search through hours of footage in seconds to identify illicit activity.

Digi currently provides top-quality video technology to 20% of the sheriff’s offices in Oklahoma counties, including Oklahoma County and Tulsa County. In addition to offering industry leading solutions and service, Digi also offers government customers multiple purchasing avenues to expedite the purchasing process. Learn more about the Digi Security Systems products for law enforcement and correctional facilities from the company’s website. Digi Security Systems is a division of RAE Corporation.