The Ardmore City Schools Board of Education held a special meeting Thursday, June 30, at the Administration Building to discuss the rehiring of two administrative positions. Discussion of the positions were previously tabled at the regular meeting on June 21 and a special meeting on June 27.
The positions of curriculum director and assistant superintendent were discussed at the meeting. The board, after establishing a quorum, voted to enter into executive session, where the board discussed the rehiring of the two positions for a little over 20 minutes.
After reconvening into open session, the board voted on the rehiring of the positions, with board member Steve Oliver requesting a roll call vote. The reemployment of Shirley Morgan, the curriculum director, was approved by the board with a 4-1 vote.
The board then moved onto the rehiring of Missy Storm as the assistant superintendent. The board voted to not rehire the position, with a 3-2 vote.
A motion was made to adjourn the meeting following the vote, which was approved unanimously.
According to the Oklahoma Education Association, administrators in Oklahoma districts are “entitled to a statutory hearing procedure including a written statement of the reasons for the proposed dismissal or non-reemployment and an opportunity to appear before the local board of education for a hearing on the proposed recommendation if the administrator requests a hearing within 10 days of the notice.”
Storm will have 10 days to request a due process hearing.
Board of education member Harry Spring, who was one of three members to vote “no” for the rehiring of Storm, said the board makes difficult decisions with two major factors in mind.
“Teachers and pupils,” he said. “That’s our concern is making decisions for our teachers and our children.”