Ken Bohannon stood to approach Jesus Moroles’ fish sculpture resting on top of a filing cabinet, reciting the precision required to produce such a shape from pure granite. With a smile and one swift motion, he ran his finger over the top of the bulky artwork, creating a chromatic melody with each different part of the sculpture. His face, tone and smile all indicated one fact.
Bohannon loves art.  
Bohannon, who started as the Goddard Center executive director in May of this year, has been involved in arts since before his time at the Goddard Center. Before being named the executive director, he spend 21 years teaching at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) and served as the Coordinator of the Music Department. He has several degrees in music and a Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University. He has also held several administrative positions through his career.
Bohannon said the Goddard Center, which he had first heard of about 10 years ago, came on his radar as a potential job after seeing the position on an email listing.
“I just said ‘The Goddard Center!’ It’s an hour and a half from Chickasha, I could move down here and you know just try to make a go of it and so here I am,” he said.
The experience of previously working with arts management is what made the position appeal to him, Bohannon said. The opportunity to continue the diverse cultural experiences of Ardmore is part of what drew Bohannon’s interest.
“I’d been doing performance arts management in addition to my teaching and I just fell in love with all the aspects of it, from writing the grants, talking to the agents, talking to the performers, having the performers come raising the money for it and putting it all together,” he said. “We’re supporting great artists with great art for a community.”
With just under two months at the center under his belt, Bohannon said working in Ardmore has been a pleasant experience.
“It’s been great and I”m looking forward to the challenge of running the organization,” he said.
Bohannon said the Goddard Center has many potential opportunities and events coming up and are planning for the future with more exhibits, concerts and fundraising events. Bohannon, a singer and baritone, said he hopes to be able to produce a singing fundraising recital at the center soon.
“We’re wanting to do the recital in September,” he said. “So, we’ll do some classical and maybe some pop music and jazz in there.”
With the position, of course, comes challenges and future projects. The center needs new roofing, doors, walls and curtains for the stage and heating and cooling the building has been an issue in the past, according to Bohannon. He said the hope is to start the process of getting things repaired and to upgrade the facilities.
“We’re in need of a facelift,” he said. “We’re looking at some major upgrades to some things here and excited about that.”  
The Goddard Center was also recently donated the Temple Emeth, formerly home to a Jewish Synagogue. Bohannon said the building opens up the possibility for expansion and future endeavors for the center.
Bohannon said with the performance season about to enter full swing later this week, he’s looking forward to a strong start and building from there.
“A lot of exciting things are happening here,” he said. “I’m looking forward to kicking off our season and hitting it out of the ball park.”
For more information about the Goddard Center and upcoming events, visit, or call (580)-226-0909.